Swadeshi STARTUP - National Competition

We look forward to your active participation in the SJM’s Competition I2S@2017, that will recognize and reward the Swadeshi Startups and innovations. Startup Categories The categories for participation are as following: Information & Technology Health Agriculture New Scientific idea that benefits society Energy Livelihood at the grassroots Education Who all can participate and where Students, teachers, professionals and individuals from India, who have an innovative idea for Start-ups can make

SERIAL ENTREPRENEURS - "The True Disruptors"

“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” – Nolan Bushnell It is amazing how the typical entrepreneur is nowadays disregarded and it seems his single idea isn’t ground breaking as it seemed only a few years back. Simply having an idea, working on it outright, establishing a company around it and seeing it through till the end does not move the markets nor the stocks nor the VC’s interest

My way or The Highway?

The fact is – Of the nearly 8,00,000 engineering graduates India produces every year, a whopping 60 percent remain unemployed, according to the All India Council for Technical Education. Jobless growth has been the focus of national discourse of late, as the growth in GDP is not translating to a growth in jobs. In a country that has one of the youngest populations among major world economies, job creation is

JEVELEN - 'Make Your Statement'

“Life is too short to wear boring jewellery” – Anonymous We are indeed creatures of habit. We are used to dressing up for occasions, presenting ourselves in a perfect aura, and always sure to place our best foot forward. So it makes sense when you see people dazzling the audience with their glamour, their style, their attire and those priceless trinkets we called jewellery. And that is the true urban


Boxing, in India, has for many years been one of the most popular sports and hence with the launch of Super Boxing League (SBL) and with participation from top combatants from India and across the globe, the stage is set for some exciting boxing action. Pushing the boundaries of the game and promoting the league, SBL and MoMagic have partnered with each other. MoMagic is a leading Online and Offline mobile digital marketing company for

MR. PAANWALA: Khaike Paan Philadelphia wala!

Betel leaves or paan is a well-known thing in India, the salient fact being that you will hardly find a market without a ‘Paan’ shop in India. There are even movie songs like ‘khaike paan banaraswala’, depicting the traditional Paan so far, that it won’t be wrong to regard it as an integral part of Indian culture & society. One Indian though, combined his passion, creativity and innovation, to take

APPLANCER – 'Pivoting Application Development Freelancing'

“As a freelancer your biggest advantage is that you only need a handful of clients to succeed. Most other companies need to find thousands of customers. You only need to find one at a time.” – Robert Williams Unifying the concept of freelancing and client based services is not something you’d be able to achieve, let alone find one at a short notice. But with breakthroughs in the current Indian

startup summit

Zailet Media is organizion the biggest Startup Summit of 2016 in the last week of December. This event will give entrepreneurs an opportunity to network, interact, and share ideas with successful entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world and investors access to the most innovative and brightest minds working on scalable and profitable business ideas in the country. It is a 3 day Event The event includes: Workshops Mentorship


iB Hubs, a PAN-India startup hub, believes students are the creators of the next wave of innovation in society. However, it is necessary for students to infuse a problem solving mindset that can eventually lead to a proactive search for solutions. The more we inculcate entrepreneurial attitude within students, the further they’ll go towards finding gaps that need to be filled. iB Hubs announced iB Hubs Startup School, that works

Chal Startup Kerte Hain

Every Startup has different requirements – Team | IT | Execution | Operations | Funding What we feel & think is, Startupreneurs don’t just need funds, they need guidance, How’s|When’s|What’s | What to do with the Idea So, we at MEDIAPIPPL help | support startups from the very basic ground level to raising fund in a very informal way. Come Lets Startup – Chal Startup Kerte Hain 🙂 Note: Rs.300 is for