RENT A BIKE – ‘Traveling Simplified’

RENT A BIKE – 'Traveling Simplified'
“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”
– Confucius
Indeed, one should be fully prepared to enjoy and experience the journey. And it makes perfect sense to travel without having to carry your personal vehicle with you. That way you are less worried about a materialistic transport and get more time to enjoy the destination.
Being able to rent a bike of your choice in a minute, that’s what a journey should be about. Moments of improvisation coupled with the sweet music of horsepower when you get behind the wheel. Rent A Bike is completely devoted to bring a change to the traditional way people commute in a cost effect and swift way. Rent a Bike is a technology driven online vehicle rental marketplace start-up enabling people to use bikes for self-drive purpose led by two passionate promoters with a passion for Bikes and travel. Their customers are individuals who like to commute as per their convenience exploring the route each time they wander. it would be a mix of individuals renting a bike for daily travel to work, leisure or weekend travel.

They had this realization thatan individual’s liberty to ride a two wheeler was restricted only if they owned or borrowed one. However, a commute for a person traveling for work, leisure or weekend travel could be different based on an individual’s taste and that should not be confined to what he owns or is able to own.
Having worked in MNCs across India, they realized that most people are confined to a lot of money spending and time wasting on travel, be it local transport, cabs, autos or other commuter vehicles. Why Restrict people when the majority of the roads see bikes zooming by. Also there are many expats in different cities, who are quite keen to use such services.
When they started out, the biggest challenge that they saw was structuring a completely unorganized market.There were vendors who existed in pockets across various cities however not many people were aware of such a service being offered. With today’s consumer wanting all the information at their fingertips in real time for an end to end booking management platform was lacking in the renting market.
Technology driven marketplace has been their focal point; they weren’t keen on simply being an aggregate in the marketplace but to create an ecosystem providing a platform for their customers. They have been continuously working on this aspect and simultaneously catered to customer satisfaction and service delivery which are the main pillars of their business.

When asked about setbacks and hurdles they faced here’s what Fevic G, the founder commented,“I was still in the midst of my full time job at a large Telco in India when the idea clicked, with lack of time to focus on this venture we decided to outsource the Software development part to a third party vendor. Taking advantage of the situation that I could not constantly interact with them, the timelines for roll-out of the services had to be postponed in the beginning stages as our vision did not really match, this resulted in a lot of time that we wasted in optimizing our platform. Our Domain was first registered in 2013 when we had made a blueprint for Rent a Bike into the marketplace when no other such services existed. We went back into our “Garage”, which was our hub to redefine the process and build an in-house team that we could leverage on their capabilities for a structured service roll-out and customer assurance.”
They have always believed in technology as a main driver of this business, having worked with large MNC’s across the Indian Corporate scenario, selling solutions and technology to large enterprises. They’ve utilized their skills in team building and mentoring. Business scalability is currently on top of the founder’s mind currently as he specially pointed it out when asked about the different roles that he played while building the start-up.
It took him 10 Years after his last start-up from which he walked away as an unnamed Co-founder to start Rent a Bike. His inspiring message to all upcoming entrepreneurs is,

“Strongly focused on how you could bring a change, Funding is not always everything but the right mix of product adoption, penetration and customer satisfaction will get the rest on-boarded automatically with time. “
Currently bootstrapped, Rent A Bike are currently a team of just the 2 founders, they plan to scale up with a few members to add to their Garage and grow the business over the year 2017.
It is truly worth appreciating the idea and the hard-work they’ve gone through in catering to the vast multitude of travelers, tourists, bike enthusiasts, wanderlusts and more. In today’s world the journey is more mesmerizing and soul invigorating then then final destination. And with Rent A Bike working tirelessly to automate your journey with quick and simplistic bike renting, it would be a wise time to take that trip you’ve been postponing since last year. Concluding this inspiring tale with Francis Bacon’s words,“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.”

Source: MyStartupStory

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