OhLook is a subscription-based fashion service for men. Our services lets them wear shirts from top brands and latest trends, every single day of their lives. We house the top brands from the country, including Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Indigo Nation, Scullers, Lee Cooper, Lee, Wrangler, Pepe Jeans and more.

OhLook Founders From Left- Veera Shekar, Armaan Azaad, Arshad Azad

OhLook Team: OhLook Founders From Left- Veera Shekar, Armaan Azaad, Arshad Azad

Why did we come up with OhLook?

We live in a time, when our looks are as important as our work itself. And don’t get us started on the role of style and looks, to change our Facebook status from Single to In a Relationship. Fashion was becoming more important than ever.

Men, across the country took an oath. An oath to look dapper and smart every single day of their lives. Own a large wardrobe, that would put their sisters to shame. However, this had come with challenges of its own.

Fashion is ever evolving. 6 months old polka dots shirt is now out of fashion and so, the dream of building a large wardrobe is now back to where it was 6 months ago.

Fashion isn’t cheap. With each shirt coming at a cost of 2000-2500, it isn’t easy filling up that closet.

Fashion is no child’s play. Picking the right shirt that suits you is an art. The art every friend is born with (or so we thought). We invited our friends to help us pick shirts, not realizing the yellow shirt he is wearing on a green formal trouser, with sports shoes. DISASTER! it was! Now we know why stylists make all that much money.

Time was running! Sharma ji’s son claimed the promotion and Varma ji’s son is sipping coffee with the pretty girl, while all the other men, took to the corner and cried.

The Magical Moment: Looking at the grievances of many such men around us every single day, and we the founders being the biggest victim of this wide-spread disease, decided to change this and hence came up with OhLook. A service that filled up the wardrobe with clothes that are always inline with latest trends. Who needs friends when each of the shirts are hand-picked by stylists. And the price! 2500 for 20 shirts. Ask that Big Billion fan, if that sale gives them such a discount.

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