APPLANCER – ‘Pivoting Application Development Freelancing’

APPLANCER – 'Pivoting Application Development Freelancing'
“As a freelancer your biggest advantage is that you only need a handful of clients to succeed. Most other companies need to find thousands of customers. You only need to find one at a time.”
– Robert Williams
Unifying the concept of freelancing and client based services is not something you’d be able to achieve, let alone find one at a short notice. But with breakthroughs in the current Indian Venture Capitalist and Start-up scene it is no wonder that the scope and nature of innovations haven’t ceased. The start-up in question here is Applancer. It is a marketplace for app development companies and project clients across the globe. They work as bridge where both the development companies and clients come together on one platform and get mutually benefitted. App development companies can choose the projects of their choice to work upon and on the other side, clients can choose the best app development company across globe.
While heading Exousia Tech, Sahil Kohli, CEO Applancer, along with his team used to face some serious difficulties while working on various projects. Some mentionable ones among them were – There was no team to assist on other platforms with powerful & competitive market players. Dealing with clients was a real mess in such situations and there was no proper channel to communicate with them and things did go haywire, initially. One of the most important thing that was bothering them was in regard to the secrecy while dealing with clients on projects. Lastly, there was no platform to work in benefit of app developing companies.
All these reasons motivated Sahil to launch Applancer which works in the benefit of app developers and takes care of their interests genuinely and effectively.
Their biggest challenge was to launch a platform of international standards in India without a single loophole on the platform and working for the benefits of app developing companies across globe. They were determined to launch such a huge platform as they were well aware of the fact that small app development companies can do wonders if given the right opportunities, especially Small Indian Players in such vital and big Markets. Lastly, to get their 1st app development firm registered with their platform was one of the biggest challenge which tested their capability in the IT Industry.

Sahil Kohli acknowledges the driving forces of Applancer and named 4 pillars – Security, Transparency, Dynamism, Human Touch.
By clubbing these pillars, they became an organization who is working aggressively and rigorously for the benefit of App Developers. When Applancer was launched, they were unsure about reviews, but were equally confident of their platform & concept. And now app development firms are registering with them and that number is growing on daily basis.
When asked about any failures throughout the journey of Applancer till date, here’s what Sahil Kohli commented, “Well I believe, failures are part of success. They go hand in hand. By working hard and focused for our platform, at present we haven’t faced any failure. But if we sensed it somewhere, then we are all ready to face it and emerge as a winner. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it just means that you should try harder.”
As for the different roles and work that they had to do while establishing Applancer, here’s what Sahil said, “Well that’s a pretty good question which reminds me of my all those struggle days. When I thought to launch such unique concept, I believe I became a multi-tasker at a time that played the role for every department as I need to be sure to raise my team for the same. When I was to make this platform launch, I feel very proud that my team was standing with me from day one and they will match their shoulder with me in future too to achieve many such milestones. “

According to Sahil, success depends on how well one’s team is connected and working together for making it a success. The team at Applancer are scholars in their respective domain with MBA’s in Marketing with rich experience of the industry in their domain and they act as the true driving force. He’s always believed in putting little extra effort to get the desired results and working hard to get on to the next level. One thing that Sahil always keep in mind and tries to live by is to take care of one’s client’s interests because the client is the one who will pivot the company upwards or pull it down.
Sonamdeep Kaur and Kunal Aneja are the pillar of Sales and Marketing domain. Their efforts and dedication is why Applancer is making ways in IT industry with such ease. Prabhjit Kaur is constantly taking the PR department to the limits of sky and well aware of how Applancer should be in limelight every now and then. They are putting their efforts day in and out in every single direction not to leave any stone unturned and to reach the top, the zenith, the pinnacle of success.
Concluding this wonderful and breakthrough story about a thriving and well established startup with the words of Allan Savory, “If you dig deep and keep peeling the onion, artists and freelancers are the leaders in the society – the people who start to get new ideas out.”

Source: MyStartupStory

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